• how to select a power bank

    With the rise of digital devices, power banks have sprung up rapidly. Therefore, it is critical  for customers to select one satisfied power bank. Before you purchase the power bank, you need to ask yourself several questions: what is the specific purpose, in what occasions, for emergency use or for long time use? Here are some tips for you.

    First, power bank with nice appearance, fashionable design, small and easy to carry will have a vital influence on one’s choice. Customers will choose his products according his likes and dislikes. As we all known, battery capacity is a key factor to choose a power bank according your specific needs, which affects its usability. While many people will ask this question:Which brand is worth to buy? For so many companies are selling power banks. So a competitive company will ensure the reliable quality, excellent workmanship and perfect after-sale service. All their products will pass the related certificate. Good brand, quality guarantee! There are 2 main battery cell types for power bank: Li-ion and Lithium polymer. Each has its advantages and the Lithium polymer is safer to some extent. However, good PCB board is to protect the battery in appropriate operating environment, promote the property and decided the conversion rate. Smart power banks have protection functions: intelligent monitoring system with over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, over-load.Moreover, additional functions will also attract people’s attention: solar charger, wireless charger, with LED light, attached accessories, etc.



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