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  • (KE-X402)4000mAh thin credit card power bank,pocket size power bank ,juice power bank

    4000mah,2200mah charger power bank for mobile phone KE-X222,KE-X402

    1. It is a 4000mah portable Power bank, built-in security, pollution-free, no memory, no pollution, lithium battery built-in overcharge, over discharge circuit protection, use long life cycle can charge and discharge more than 500 times;

    2. Built-in smart chip to control the charging circuit, high reliability, fast charge, overcharge and over discharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charge, charge, discharge, standby battery indicator function;

    3. High compatibility,it is suitable for any portable device that has an option to charge via USB, such as the various brands (iPhone,iPad, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, etc.) mobile phone, MP3, PDAs, the MP4, MP5 game consoles and other products charge;

    4, with the LED lighting power indicator function;

    5, the product is compact and lightweight, easy to carry, male and female USB connected, can be used for hand rope, particularly suitable for business travel, field work, family standby.

  • Mobile power bank Specifications:

    Model KE-X220 KE-X402 Material ABS
    Battery Capacity 4000mah,2200mah Battery Type lithium-ion battery 
    Product Type Portable Power Bank with cables Cicyle life 500+ cycles
    Size 96*62*6.6mm/ 116.5*68*9mm Input 5V,1A
    Weight 75g Output 5V,1A
    Color black,white    



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